Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Kaysi who discovered the joy of food.

Having a passion for the excitement behind food, Kaysi grew a desire to share this love of hers.
This dream quickly turned into a driven goal of opening her very own place to showcase her passion to everyone.
On the side she had always been baking for special occasions and cooking elaborate meals,
whether it was back home in the Catskills of New York,or during school in Punxsutawney and Indiana PA.
With every step towards this dream, she worked on the plans of the perfect shop.

Kaysi started her culinary career journey with culinary classes in vocational school at 16,
graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Academy of Culinary Arts and with a Bachelors Degree from their Hospitality Management Program in 2016,
and then, quickly landed a restaurant position right out of school in Dubois, PA.
There, Kaysi worked up to management where the taste of the business aspect of running an establishment was obtained.
With this experience, Kaysi grew a fondness for the area, the DuBois people, and its traveling visitors.
She completed the business plan and took the leap.

Kaysi Cakes Dessert Company and Café opened in May of 2019.
It is now a welcoming space where family, friends, people from near and far can come indulge themselves with sweet treats and good food.
Kaysi wanted to contribute to Dubois and offer the town a place to slow down, escape the world, and enjoy the little things.
Now, with the support of all her family, friends, and most importantly her customers, Kaysi is living her dream of sharing her passion
with all of those who have the chance to enjoy the experience Kaysi Cakes Dessert Company and Café provides.